The times have always brought changes in various aspects of life, including in the field of architectural design. Indonesia itself began to recognize modern building design styles in 1945. However, although it has been familiar with modern design styles, it does not mean that the style of Indonesian furniture design has changed immediately.

Even classic furniture styles are still in great demand today. Indeed, currently furniture in Indonesia is starting to recognize various types of designs, ranging from minimalist to modern contemporary. However, classic Indonesian furniture, which is usually dominated by ethnic nuances with thick carvings with flora and fauna motifs and using natural materials such as wood and rattan, remains the main prima donna.

During its development, Indonesian furniture even began to penetrate the international market. This also cannot be separated from government support in supporting capital, technology and human resources. The Ministry of Industry has even facilitated the development of vocational education through the construction of a special furniture polytechnic in Semarang.

This support is intended so that the Indonesian furniture industry can compete in the global market by producing high quality furniture, utilizing local natural resources, and being environmentally friendly.

Currently, Indonesian furniture also has a very big opportunity to develop in the United States market after Vietnam as Indonesia’s main competitor in the furniture industry has been sanctioned by the US government. Unique Indonesian wooden furniture with beautiful natural nuances has also attracted a lot of attention from consumers in the US market.

Not only used as home furniture, Indonesian furniture is also starting to be widely used as part of office furniture. The use of Indonesian furniture is seen as bringing a fresh atmosphere into office spaces to create a better work environment.

The Indonesian furniture industry has a very big opportunity to develop rapidly in the international market. The ease of obtaining raw materials, the availability of quality human resources and the reduction of major competitors in the global market provide enormous opportunities.

Hopefully in the future the Indonesian furniture industry can increasingly dominate the international furniture market and raise the standard of life of Indonesian furniture craftsmen as well as Indonesia’s fragrant name in the international market.

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